Emotions in the Workplace: The Film

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"A Game-Changer"

Ethan Dangberg

The Business Academy

Don't let your company, business or healthcare practice fail for lack of understanding of people

How do you spot the future stellar employee? And even more important, how do you spot the one that will hurt or even bankrupt you before you hire them?

Watch the Film That is Making an Impact In Thousands of Private Practices

Emotions in the Workplace is a 42 minute practical introduction to how emotions in the workplace impact business: in good ways and bad. The film includes steps executives can take to make their office less stressful and more productive. It debuted in English and is available with subtitles in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simple and Thai. There are also dubbed versions in Russian, Italian and Hungarian.

See What Industry Professionals are Saying About Emotions in the Workplace: The Film

A total must for small-business owners.

Patrick Valtin

International Hiring Professional

It's been a game-changer for us at The Business Academy when training other offices and it has helped hundreds of private practices around the country build better teams and create more success.

Ethan Dangberg

Co-owner, The Business Academy

We use Emotions in the Workplace all the time.

Nick Terrenzi

President, Hubbard College International

Robin Bogan

Executive Training Director, Survival Strategies

“The business owners we work with can ‘see’ their team in the film. It is an indispensable tool so owners know how to spot good employees who need to be supported and to pick out the individuals who are holding the company back. Every owner would gain from watching this film multiple times. I’m not just saying its just a ‘good idea’ – I’m saying millions could be lost if they don’t use what’s covered in this film.”  

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